‘You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build your business’ Zig Ziglar.

I am a strong believer in creating a happy and positive working environment, suitable for the individual employee. In a fast changing and highly demanding world we tend to forget that employees are human beings. For even the most positive minded and optimistic people, real life happens. Some just hide it better than others.

Hard times of life are often hide behind a smile. While I can’t change the drama each of us has to carry, but at least I can create a working environment filled with laughter and humour. There has to be some time, where one can forget just a little bit of the daily worries and why not at work.

Fostering a company culture of having fun is part of the entire business success. Laughing creates a positive environment that builds bonds between colleagues, encourages positive and innovative thinking and in general, creates better communication and eliminates negative attitudes; which in return creates increased productivity and profitability.

Most executives believe that their organisation has a great sense of humour, but why are so many employees unhappy in their jobs? In reality, Executives do little to evolve their business culture to embrace humour as a corporate value despite that companies are in need of an urgent overhaul on their culture. Fostering a culture of having fun is a crucial part of business success.

However, humour certainly won’t suit every organisation and should never be used as a quick fix for employee engagement problems.

For humour to flourish, an environment needs to exist that employees feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed without. Each company needs to find their own suitable way to create such an environment. Lets remind ourselves that we all have our own burden to carry, which we hid behind a friendly smile.

When putting deadlines on projects, discuss it with the person or team first and commit to a realistic time frame. Have fun working and be kind to each other.

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