If you think this is easy, think again. Here is a challenge for you: Take 10 minutes every day to do absolutely nothing!

Set an alarm so you don’t have to look at your watch. Be content to do nothing, without feeling that anything has to be done. The reward is peace of mind that will spread to other parts of your day.

Schedule ‘time out’ into your diary and ‘do nothing’. Find a quiet place at work and ‘sit’ until your alarm goes off. Treat this as an ‘appointment’ with yourself which is as important as your next client meeting.

To me this time is magical. No phones, emails or people asking me questions. For 10 minutes, nobody can reach me. It is blocked out in my diary as ‘Do Not Disturb’. I also have longer ‘time out’ schedules, those I use for meditation. My favourite spot is in a nearby forest which is barely visited. I can hide away with only the birds & bees as company. In the summer, I watch the butterflies but I don’t think. I look, relax, breath deep and feel one with nature. Such a short 30-minute break gives me happiness, clear thinking ability and is very stress relieving plus it is all part of my working day.

You are invited to ‘DO NOTHING’ – enjoy.

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