Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a simple administration system, where you can find what you are looking for in an instant? I always thought of myself as an organised person, however, in my working life, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing office administrators I came to admire. The truth is that effective administration is the foundation of any business. A well-designed administration process will allow a business to operate smoothly, efficiently, which in return will maximise productivity and improve profit margins.

A good administrator will have excellent time management, flexibility, organisation skills as well as a positive attitude, and excellent communication skills.  Office administrators will require a certain freedom to be able to put a streamlined administration process in place which will help grow the business in the short but also long-term.

To assist this process, the office administrator will require the right software which will make the task simpler, quicker and less prone to human error. While those software packages are not cheap, in the long run, it will save the company money.

Over time we accumulate a lot of office equipment, some of them which we have replaced with a newer equipment. However, we still hold on to the old one, just in case we may need it one day. It’s time to declutter the office (and store room) and pass working equipment on to somebody who can use them. Important is that your office equipment doesn’t take extra space away or worse hinders productivity. By decluttering your office, you will create space which is required when setting up a streamlined administration system.

Next step is to create a foolproof filing system. Imagine that you are away for 3 months and a person you have never met will take over the business administration. That person should be able to look at a simple and well-labeled filing system, as well as an administration manual. As more and more businesses adopting a paperless system, documents are kept online or in shared files. Those online folders need to be also well labelled so that everybody can easily access them. Simplicity is the key here.

It doesn’t matter how well your administration procedures and structures are, they will need to be reviewed on a regular basis. This is where your team comes in. Set regular brainstorming sessions and discuss how to simplify your current administration processes. You will be surprised what fantastic ideas can arise from such a meeting. Give it a go!

If you don’t know where to start, just give us a call. We are very happy to give you some great advice or work with you on a suitable administration plan.

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