Hello, and welcome to another weekly article. This week I would like to introduce you to my new endeavour as a Keynote Speaker and Writer. As a Business Growth Strategist and Educator, I am surprised of how many Micro and Small business owners are not aware of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is and how it affects their business. While large corporations are already implementing digital strategic plans and utilising the latest artificial intelligence technology to service their clients better, the Micro and Small business sector seem to be far behind the changes this new industrial revolution is demanding.

I regularly attend seminars informing us of the latest innovations, which are mainly run by Universities as well as privately owned Tech start-ups. I can see a future were robots will take over the human labour workforce, and high tech medical advancements will heal people in no time. Artificial intelligence will become our companion, and communication with other humans will become a skill on its own. We are in fact at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another.  Naturally, that change will affect how customers are purchasing goods or services.

There is an urgent need to educate the Micro and Small business entrepreneurs in what to expect from the future and how to service their customers better to be able to grow their business in this new digital age. Due to that need, I have established a separate business entity away from Synergy Consulting Australia, which will specialise in running national presentations on how the 4IR is affecting businesses but also our lives in general.

My amazing team is currently working endless hours in developing a personal website for ILONA SOLINSKA – Keynote Speaker & Writer. The new website will be linked to Synergy Consulting Australia, which will proceed in offering business growth consulting services.

Synergy Consulting Australia provides a large range of business consulting services which includes 4IR, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Project Management, Migration services and many more tailored business solutions. This also includes a full market research and feasibility report before investing.

Synergy Consulting Australia is led by Ilona Solinska. Ilona has over 18 years’ international business consulting experience.  She is a successful business growth strategist, Keynote speaker, and writer. She has coached hundreds of businesses in the area of Marketing, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Operation, Change & Project Management and is a highly sought-after presenter on a wide variety of business topics.