Hello and welcome to another captivating weekly article. This week I would like to focus on the topic of Intellectual Property on Artificial Intelligence.

Since we have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the speed in which Artificial Intelligence is evolving created a new disruption in the field of Intellectual Property.

Nowadays you will find Artificial Intelligence at work, home, and social areas. For example, Google Maps can analyse the speed of traffic movement, commercial flights use an AI autopilot, or there are spam filters to protect your emails. Teachers can use plagiarism checkers for grading and assessment as well as utilising a Robo reader for essay-grading. Banks are using AI systems for fraud prevention as well as credit checking. Social Media Networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat use sophisticated AI to provide their users with the latest information. AI is also a big part of online shopping, providing search, recommendation as well as fraud protection to buyers. Smart phone users have access to Smart Personal Assistants like Alexa, Echo & Cortana. We’ve only scratched the surface of examples of AI in day-to-day life.

In our modern world, AI is a vital part of creating new products but where are we standing on the issue of Intellectual Property if a new product has been created without any Human oversight?  Such a question shakes the core of our legal standards that serve as the safeguard of patent law. The question arises of who is liable when an AI invention infringes on a patent claim? Should the AI user, developer, or proprietary owner (humans), be held responsible? This is just one of many Fourth Industrial Revolution problems which we need to solve and hopefully faster than the evolution of AI.

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