Lead generation is at the heart of every business. The ultimate goal is to generate high-quality leads that convert to customers. Easier said than done! The first step is to attract customers to our website, convince them to provide you with their personal information in the hope they are truly interested in becoming future customers.

Kate Harrison, a start-up Marketing expert dwelled into this subject and came up with some pretty good ideas.

Produce Delightful Content.   Content is arguably the most important piece of any lead generation plan. However, for your content marketing to be effective, you need a defined target audience and write targeted content.

Utilise search engines.   You want the right people in your target audience to discover your content, so you have to be intentional about how you get it out in front of them. Utilise search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO). This will enable potential customers to find your content via a simple Google search.

Be Mobile-Friendly.   How often are you using your mobile phone to check out businesses? Designing a mobile-friendly website and forms is one of the best ways to boost your conversions.

Track Performance Data.   Always track the performance of your content and web pages with Google Analytics or other tools. Real information helps you determine which efforts are working so that you can optimise and scale those efforts.

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