There is an overarching workforce fear that artificial intelligence (AI) will reign supreme, and we’ll all lose our jobs to the machines. Just as with the industrial revolution and the growth of computers that came before AI, changes are constantly occurring in the working world to enhance and streamline the way we work, all for the benefit of future generations.

According to Deloitte’s ‘Human Capital Trends’ 2017 research, 38% of respondents from around the world already use AI in their workplace, and 62% expect to do so by 2018. One-third of employees surveyed think their jobs will be augmented by AI in the future.

According to two articles from Hays recruitment, a combination of human skills, digital literacy, upskilling and cultural intelligence combined with the ability to embrace, understand and implement new technologies as well as interacting with intelligent assistants will also become standard job components.

We have entered the fourth industrial revolution and with that AI is set to make a big impact in the business world.

The best approach to AI in your business is to have robots and humans work together. Tasks that were done slowly by a person can be sped up with the use of a robot.

However, the first and most important question: ‘Is your business AI ready’?

Is your business forward-thinking, innovative and pioneering? Are you using the latest technology and consistently bridging your employees’ skills gaps?

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