Let’s face it, we all have a fear of change. This is a very healthy and normal part of being human. Fear in its self is a natural alert signal to inform us that something has changed. It is usually an internal warning sign of danger; which helped us, humans, to survive. Humans have an amazing ability to adapt to all kind of situations. We are creative and eager to build a world of comfort for ourselves.

Since the first humans walked on this earth, our curiosity and ability to adapt enabled us to develop tools to make our lives easier. We came a long way from our first attempt to make fire. Nowadays we live in a world that provides us with the comfort of our homes, unlimited access to food and water and highly developed tools to free our lives from all kind of hardship. Over the years we have lost some of our natural survival senses except one: Fear!

The lifestyle we are enjoying now is the most advanced one, however, it is also the fastest changing environment we have ever experienced. Things can change from one day to the other, which can have dramatic consequences to businesses or in our private lives. Change is happening at such a speed, that some of us are unable to adapt as quickly as necessary.

Since we have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution fear, worry & anxiety are on the rise. We can see how entire industries either slowly disappearing or are in the process of change. Manual work is taken over by robots and artificial intelligence is adapting to our likes and dislikes. It feels like we are losing our identity and we are unable to control our uniqueness. What if we can’t adapt to the changes this new Industrial Revolution is bringing? The fear of change is now stronger than ever. Metathesiophobia or the fear of change is a good thing. By nature, we love our routine, but living a life without change is like standing still in time. Evolution can only happen with change.

So, how can we learn to face change? It starts with acknowledging the change. Now that we know what the change is, let’s learn as much about it as possible and find a solution to adapt to it. This is the exciting part of the change. Education is the key to allow us to understand and implement new ways of doing things. Here are some tips for embracing change in a business environment:

Acknowledge the need for change and create a plan. Ensure you set realistic objectives. Involve employees in the change process and ask for a commitment. Communicate clearly with everybody involved in the change process and most of all be flexible.

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Synergy Consulting Australia is led by Ilona Solinska. Ilona has over 18 years’ international business consulting experience.  She is a successful Business Growth Strategist, Educator, Keynote speaker and Writer. She has coached hundreds of businesses in the area of Marketing, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Operation, Change & Project Management and is a highly sought-after presenter on a wide variety of business topics.