We have entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which will over time change the way we think, work, and communicate. The Internet of Things and robotics are already part of our daily lives.  Robots with artificial intelligence are slowly taking over labour jobs, which leads to job losses for thousands of workers. If you are not directly involved in a specific 4IR development, you would not know how fast the world is changing. The first sign of change we are experiencing is that established methodologies which were implemented successfully in the past are no longer producing the same outcomes. As a result, we are working harder to achieve our goals or achieve those desired KPIs. Working longer hours with fewer results, observing the closure of long-established companies and a high level of redundancies produces stress and a fear of the future. Millions of people are affected by this new global development.

However, before we decide to move into a part of the world where we can embrace a bohemian lifestyle and disconnect us from a world driven by modern technology, let us view this new industrial revolution closer. Like previous revolutions this one is not different, only the changes are happening at light speed due to the already well established technological platforms. While certain jobs will disappear and replaced by artificial intelligence or robots; other new and not yet developed jobs will emerge. It is a time of change and most of us are not very good at embracing change, especially when it is happening at such a speed that we have barely the time to adjust.

In a way, it is amazing, that we have the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the future. Our children and grandchildren already can’t imagine a world without tapping and swiping a technological gadget. We can see them communicating with an artificial intelligence asking for answers. Why would they use a road map to find a destination when there are multiple GPS tools providing them with the fastest route to their destination as well as shops on their way. Furthermore, inform them about any current sales those shops offer.

The question arises of how can we adapt to this new industrial revolution? First of all, we need to gain a basic knowledge of what this new revolution is. While we don’t need to become an expert in quantum computing, but we should know what quantum computing is. That is where ongoing education comes in.

Education is vital to get an understanding of a new world where manual labour will be taken over by machines. Education in future will start from the early learning years to university and will proceed into a lifelong ongoing Vocational learning experience. In the future, the desired skill will no longer be how good we can spell or count but how fast we can learn, relearn, and solve problems.

If you are interested in finding out how Education on the 4IR can assist your organisation to grow in this new industrial revolution, please feel free to contact us. Synergy Consulting Australia are business growth specialists who will assist you with a smooth transformation by providing sound business advice as well as tailored corporate training to ensure your organisation is ready to grow in the 4IR.

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