Last month we focused on everything Digital Marketing related, as well as presented you with an educational 4-part mini-series on that topic. However, the best digital marketing strategies will not work if your computer, website, or any IT related systems are not up-to-date. This affects mainly the Micro & SMEs which are not in a financial position to operate an IT department.

Please welcome Max Miller, owner of Adelaide Computer & Data Care to the SCA team of experts. Max has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Darmstadt in Germany as well as over 25 years of industry experience. Max describes his business as follows: ‘Imagine you have the full power of an IT department working for you – but without the costs’. In this new digital world, is that not exactly what all businesses need? Adelaide Computer & Data Care is your personal IT department on call. Max specialises in the total management and modernisation of business-critical IT systems, which are responsible for ensuring your business runs smoothly.

THE GENIE IN A BOTTLE – Remote Technical Support Service (RTSS)

With the exponential digital transformation, Micro & SMEs prefer to use managed IT services instead of operating their own IT department. Today, nearly any computer issue can be solved via remote IT support. Here are some of the amazing benefits to get a monthly maintenance subscription for your personalised IT service.

Save Money! Yes – you heard correct. Just think of how much money you have spent on various IT issues which needed sorting out to be able to operate your business?

On-Call! If an IT issue arises, you simply pick up the phone and speak to an expert.

Tailored Service! Your friendly IT expert is familiar with your business and your IT needs.

No Worries! Should something go wrong with your IT set-up, the problem can be solved quickly, which in return reduces your downtime and allows you to stay productive.

Expert Advice! One phone call and you speak to the expert. How good is that?

Latest Technology! With the exponential digital transformation, it is difficult to keep up with the latest technology which suits your business. Your RTSS expert will keep you updated.

There are many other ways the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ can help you grow your business. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you’d like to learn more about RTSS and how it can help your business grow, just give us a call.

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