We all feel it in our daily lives, specifically in our business environment. Most of us are watching new developments from the side lines but getting more and more aware of changes to our comfortable status-quo. It affects our supply chain, new regulations and acts are popping up, long term business relationships seem to move into another direction. You are not alone. This is happening on a global scale – but what is it?

It is called:  The Fourth Industrial Revolution!  

The 4IR is changing how we live, work, and communicate. It is reshaping government, education, healthcare, and commerce, nearly every aspect of life.

In the future, it can change the things we value and the way we value them. It can change our relationships, our opportunities, and our identities as it changes the physical and virtual worlds we inhabit and even, in some cases, our bodies. So far, that sounds not very comforting – but wait a second, we are talking here evolution!

The 4IR  brings together the innovation in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, and other emerging technologies to redefine what it means to be human and how we engage with one another and the planet.  In return, our capabilities, our identities, and our potential will all evolve along with the technologies we create.

Lets think back to the days of our grandparents and great great grandparents, and if you like, go further back in time. There was a time when a famous European Leader said: ‘That so-called automobile will never succeed, nothing is a better transport than a horse!’ Other people thought that an automobile would need roads and one can’t build roads to very village plus it needs a ‘stable’ to protect it and it is very loud.

Remember the steam engine area? What development and change did the steam engine area bring to the people? Manufacturing increased, high level of employment was possible due to new industries and people could travel fast longer distances to find work. However, a lot of people thought it was the devils machine.

Every new area we have entered had some amazing benefits to people and businesses but it also came with a lot of disruption to the way business was done. It took a long time to learn from mistakes made, create new laws to prevent them as well as educate everybody on the new way ahead.

The 4IR is not different. It requires all stakeholders, governments, policymakers, international organisation, regulators, business organisations, academia and civil society to work together to steer the powerful emerging technologies in ways that limit risk and create a world that align with common goals for the future.  The world we create through technologies can shape our lives and is the one we pass on to the next generation.

Exciting times are ahead! Are you ready to move your organisation into the 4IR but don’t know where to start?

Synergy Consulting Australia provides a large range of business consulting services which includes 4IR, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Project Management, Migration services and many more tailored business solutions. This also includes a full market research and feasibility report before investing.

Synergy Consulting Australia is led by Ilona Solinska. Ilona has over 17 years’ international business consulting experience.  She is a successful business growth strategist, Keynote speaker and writer. She has coached hundreds of businesses in the area of Marketing, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Operation, Change & Project Management and is a highly sought-after presenter on a wide variety of business topics.