In todays world one of the biggest questions is how or what motivates your staff. It is proven fact that happy employees will ensure maximum output, even when some staff members are stressed or under pressure. So, what is the trick to keep your valued employees happy?

Emma Koehn, Senior Journalist at SmartCompany interviewed 6 employers in regard to their approach in ensuring staff happiness. Lets have a look at the outcome.

  1. Help teams focus on innovation. There is always a way to improve processes. An organisation which rewards those who come up with innovative ideas, will build a positive culture driven by employees trying to improve your business.
  2. Make sure staff feel heard. Take an interest in the welfare of those you manage. Check constantly with each of them to ensure that their ideas and opinions are being heard and they are reaching the goals they have set for themselves.
  3. Celebrate the good times. Life is not perfect, so stringing together all the little achievements, creates a positive feeling of success among staff, considering hard times.
  4. Encourage reflection beyond everyday frustrations. Implement a gratitude session every day. We often get caught up in those little things every day that might be the train was late or full and we come to work with the feeling of frustration but in reality, we should be grateful that we have a train to get us to work.
  5. Focus on building leaders. Create an environment where people can be the best version of themselves. Highly likely than not you will get the best work out of them. Employees will need to have curiosity about themselves and their improvement and the world.
  6. Share profits with staff. Run your business by your value set, and one of those should be that people have a fair go. In that sense, profit sharing should recognise the people who were in the business but also the ones who left your organisation. By still thinking of ex-employees, they will have an even nicer view of your organisation.

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