‘Welcome to the future’

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is changing how we live, work, and communicate. It’s reshaping government, education, healthcare, and commerce; almost every aspect of our life. In the future, it can also change the things we value and the way we value them.

All aspects of our lives are currently in the process of change, due to that we are experiencing a global disruption in the business world. Some industries will disappear, and new ones will appear, the way we operate our business is changing and only companies with a solid digital strategic plan will survive.

This seminar is designed to enlighten you on the 4IR and the changes it will bring to businesses. It will be an eye opener to many business professionals who still hold on to old business tool and models. Change is always unsettling, but Ilona will provide you with valuable information on how to smoothly transit into the digital world, utilizing A.I. and robotics to our advantage.

This seminar is highly recommended for every business professional.

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